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There comes a time when you think: ”There’s nothing I can offer her, so that it rises up to how special she is”. A gift always tells two stories. One about the person that offers it and one about the one who receives it. A gift that is both precious and meaningful reflects the complex personality of both the giver and receiver and also a very exquisite bound between them. That is why MEJ invites you to explore a new concept of gifts. Created out of pure gold and having a minimalist unique design, the MEJ collection is a tribute to modern women’s sensuality and spirituality. For her, beauty lies within simplicity, refinement and profoundness. To this kind of woman we dedicate the special MEJ Gift Card and we welcome you to be the one who introduces her to this original concept by offering an unforgettable present.

Because of the deep connection established between a woman and her MEJ jewel, a Gift Card is the perfect way of revealing her this new universe, yet allowing her to choose the pendants that best reflects her personality, her experiences and beliefs.

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Whether she wants to keep a special moment forever locked within an elegant jewel or she just wishes to wear the remembrance of a significant thought, the Gift Card will empower her to express herself through your present. And this is by far the most beautiful story a gift can have.

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